What is the Zero-Dimension?

The Zero-Dimension is a Realm of Paradox (One of the Fundamental forces of Creation). In it, all things and time exist simultaneously in one single point. There is no length to seperate anything nor time to separate anywhen. All is truly One there.

Why does something so Paradoxical Exist?

As stated before, Paradox is a Fundamental Force in Creation, and through Paradox the Big Bang occured and Existence began. Without Paradox we have nothing, and without the Zero-Dimension, Existence (with nothing to hold it together) begins to rapidly fall apart . In that sense, the Zero-Dimension doesn’t just Exist, but makes Existance possible: it is the glue that binds everything together; it fills the void between spaces and places and Realms and Dimensions. In a sense, it is the Medium from which Dimensions grow.

How does the Zero-Dimension work?

All Dimensions (and thus, everything contained within them) Exist within the Zero-Dimension, all begins and ends there. In much the same way as molecular vibration is both the cause, and effect, of Thermal Energy, so too is Conscious Existance the Catalyst and Result of the Zero-Dimension. When a thought Exists that did not Exist before, the Zero-Dimensional Medium is excited by it to the point that it begins to take form and shape.

What does Zero-Dimensionality mean for us?

When our thoughts stimulate the Zero-Dimensional Medium, it aligns with the vibration of the thought, which, having originated in our “3-Dimensional World”, causes the Vibrational Alignment to manifest a 3-Dimensional Potentiality, which can then be manifest to our Reality. Since there is no Time in Zero-Dimensionality, “Cause and Effect” are the one Force of Creation; this allows for unlimited creative potential, whatever can be conceived of can Exist in the Zero-Dimension, and through the Power of Paradox, it can come to Exist in our Realities.

Why does it matter that our thoughts become Manifest, and why should we try and understand how that happens?

Our thoughts becoming Manifest is what creates our own individualized Realities, and thus affects the shared Realities we perceive with others. In a very real way, our thoughts create everything we Experience, and by understanding how the process works, we can consciously shape our own Realities.

So, how does Zero-Dimensionality and Paradox take Zero-Dimensional Thought Vibrations and make them our Reality?

There is no “How-To Manual” or “Scientific Methodology”. We “know” how vibration Exists within Physical Matter; however, in an Energetic Realm, Vibration is a much more Powerful Force and in fact creates almost everything. Vibration in an Energetic Realm allows the Base Energy (or Zero-Dimensional Medium) to transmute into all forms of energy including the building blocks of Matter. Once we get to the Building Blocks of Matter, things begin to take on a more “conventional” method, such as the Attraction of Electro-Chemical Magnetism, and as such, it would be flogging a dead horse to repeat it again, so, in short:


These are just some thoughts and ponderances that have been buzzing around my head lately, and as such, are less refined than I would’ve hoped to write down here.

Peace and Love to All.


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